Examine the evidence

Examine the evidence

With greater public awareness and growing public interest in crimes and scandals, a crime museum may just interest you. The CBI academy in Ghaziabad is home to the country’s first police museum. Various evidence, important documents and other memorabilia of the CBI have been displayed offering students a hands-on study of criminal investigations. According to Vivek Dutt, the superintendent of training at the Academy, the purpose to have such a museum was to motivate students and encourage them to be a part of the cultural heritage of the CBI.

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Some of the interesting displays include samples of counterfeit money, moulds and inks used in the process of manufacturing them; these make for an intriguing lesson than one from a textbook. The police museum in India also proudly exhibits firearms, badges, flags and other memorabilia from investigative agencies across the world.

Apart from the museum, the CBI also inaugurated a gallery at its headquarters in New Delhi. This vast gallery showcases facts and pictures of important investigations including the hijacking of IC-814, the stamp paper scam and the Satyam scandal can be found here, though the Bofors scam has been given a miss.

While the CBI has plans to allow visitors in the museum, they are yet to be opened to the public.