New Delhi: The ministry of housing and poverty alleviation (HUPA) will implement recommendations of the task force report on affordable housing and rental housing in the next two years along with the implementation of single-window clearance of real estate projects, said Arun Kumar Misra, secretary of housing in the ministry of HUPA, on Saturday.

The ministry is expecting the task force report on rental housing that will address the issue of bringing vacant houses to the market to address the shortage of housing units to be submitted in one month’s time. According to the government’s data, there are 11 million vacant housing units in the country.

“The task force report on affordable housing, which was submitted six months ago, has been accepted by the minister and we are going to release it in one week’s time," said Misra, who was speaking at an event organized by the Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Association of India. “The ministry will make it its task that both the reports are implemented in next two years.

The report on single-window clearance of real estate projects and how it is to be improved has already been submitted to the ministry of HUPA. “We shall be in the position to accept that report also, and that will become third task for the ministry for implementation. We have already taken a decision in the ministry that the housing division will be responsible for the implementation of all of the three task force report," said Misra.

He said the single-window clearance system, which is an extremely important area, will not be sufficient by itself unless simultaneous steps for increasing supply stock, enhancing demand and creating an environment in which such a thing can prosper are also taken.

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