Dover,Delaware: Describing India as a major market and a strategic country, the governor of the US state of Delaware, John Carney on Wednesday sought an increase in bilateral trade relationship with India.

“Delaware is open for business," Carney told PTI in an interview as he urged Indian companies to establish their foothold in the state. While he has no current plans to take a trade delegation to India, Carney said he wants to build on the trade missions that his predecessor Jack Markell took to India, during his term as state governor for 2009 to 2017.

The first two years of his administration, he said, has been focused more on improving the business environment of Delaware. “That certainly makes a lot of sense for us to the extent that we’re able to develop those kinds of relationships and to export goods from the US to India and the other way around," Carney said in response to a question.

India, he said, was a huge market and offered a great business opportunity for companies based in Delaware and the products being manufactured there. “It should be an opportunity for us," he said. Asked if he plans to travel to India, Carney said he didn’t have any plan in near future. “I don’t have any plans now. I’ve had a lot of offers. I have a lot of friends in the Indian-American community here in Delaware and they’ve encouraged me (to take a trade delegation to India)," Carney said.

“Obviously trips like that are important for economic development, getting the word out that Delaware is open for business," he said. The Delaware governor also hailed the role of the Indian-American community in the state’s economy and urged Indian companies to invest in the state. “As we think about the challenges that we face here in our state, creating and cultivating a strong economy is chief among them. That’s where Indian Americans are so important for our future because of the skills that they bring to Delaware to make it a place where businesses can thrive," Carney said.

“They bring tremendous skills to Delaware in every business enterprise. We welcome them with open arms. We would encourage more folks to come and more are coming. We have a significant workforce needs that Indian-Americans have provided to our state and they’re continuing opportunities for others to come," he said. PTI