New Delhi: The new chief justice of India T.S. Thakur on Thursday said that the constitution benches of the Supreme Court could sit for two hours on Mondays and Friday to complete hearing on pending cases.

“On Mondays and Fridays, judges get free by 1pm-1.30pm. We can request judges to stay back to hear constitution bench cases and utilize those two hours," chief justice Thakur said.

According to the Supreme Court website, as of March, there were 29 such cases, including one on Aadhaar, which are pending. Constitution benches consist of at least five judges of the court and decide on any case that warrants a substantial question of law and needs interpretation of the Constitution of India.

Thakur, hearing oral mentioning of cases, said that pending cases could come up sequentially for regular hearing of constitution benches. He also said that if lawyers were willing, constitution benches could also hear cases during the summer vacation.

“Rest assured that my brother judges will cooperate. But nothing can happen without the cooperation of the bar," Thakur said.