Sibal to address telecom vendors’ concern on security clauses

Sibal to address telecom vendors’ concern on security clauses

New Delhi: The government on Wednesday said it was in process to evolve a solution to address the concerns raised by foreign telecom vendors, especially the European.

Nokia-Siemens Network and Ericsson had raised concerns over sharing their ‘source code´ of the hardware saying it was proprietary information, while the equipment suppliers from China had agreed to share.

This was part of guidelines recently announced by the Department of Telecom (DoT) for importing telecom equipment.

After some vendors objected to the clause of sharing source code, the government had agreed to revisit the issue and in the meanwhile it had allowed to continue with the procedure existing prior to the new guidelines.

“We are at the last stage of evolving a solution ... Security is in national interest," telecom minister Kapil Sibal told Finland’s communication minister Suvi Linden, who called on him on Wednesday.

Nokia-Siemens Network also said that having established a manufacturing facility in Chennai in India they should be exempted from mandatory security clearance by the ministry of home affairs.

NSN pointed out that security clearances take nearly 45 days and it is only after that equipment can be supplied to operators.

Sibal, however, did not comment on the procedure being followed by the security agencies but said the government would soon come out with the final guidelines on the issue.

He also said that the government was keen to set up a network loop fully secured for communication between different departments, state departments and also with ambassadors abroad.

“We want to create a security system in the network for seamless communications between various departments of the Centre and the state governments and also our ambassadors abroad," he said.

Both the ministers seek cooperation of each other with India providing limitless market opportunities while Finland offering improved and superior technology.