Washington: More than 40% of the foreign born tech workers in Seattle—which is home to Microsoft, Amazon, and Boeing—are from India, according to a media report.

Silicon Valley is overly dependent (70%) on foreign tech workers in IT occupation, the report in The Seattle Times said. In the adjoining San Francisco area, more than half of tech workers are foreign-born, the daily reported.

This is followed by the Seattle area where nearly 40% of the IT workers are foreign born out of which more than 40% are from India, the report said.

China is a distant second with 13.5%. The number of foreign-born IT workers is also quite high in other major IT and technology hubs of America. Washington-Arlington-Alexandria (33.8%), Dallas- Forth Worth (31.4%), Boston-Cambridge (30.8%), and San Diego-Carlsbad (30.5%).

Citing the report, Mercury News, a prominent daily, said that these figures suggest that Silicon Valley would be lost without these foreign technology workers. PTI