Good monsoon spells bright prospects for kharif crop

Good monsoon spells bright prospects for kharif crop


Pune: India is expected to register a good overall Kharif crop this year due to “very good" performance of the South West monsoon throughout the country, a survey by Agrimet department of Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) stated.

“The overall kharif production this year is expected to be higher than normal despite reported damage to standing crops in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Maharashtra, Gujarat, Assam and Bihar," IMD’s deputy director (Agrimet) A L Koppar said.

With the normal progress of the monsoon, transplanting of ‘Virripu´ rice in Kerala, sowing of jowar, maize, groundnut, cotton and sunflower in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh were completed in the first fortnight of June.

Similarly, agricultural activities in the North East also went on smoothly following adequate rainfall, the survey stated. During second and third weeks of June, field preparation and sowing operations of Kharif crops, particularly ‘nursery sowing´ of rice in Chhattisgarh, jowar, bajra, tur, cotton and soyabean in Maharashtra, bajra, cotton and rice in Gujarat and soyabean, maize and jowar in Madhya Pradesh got underway.

The overall performance of the South West monsoon this year has been good and for the period starting 1 June to 19 September. As many as 30 of the 36 meteorological subdivisions in the country received “excess or normal" rains, the report said, adding the rainwater was used to maintain water level in rice fields and for sowing and land preparation in these states.

In the East, the monsoon covered entire West Bengal, parts of Orissa, Bihar and Jharkhand on 14 June.