India needs law against invasion of privacy: Ratan Tata

India needs law against invasion of privacy: Ratan Tata

New Delhi: Amid raging controversy over phone tapping, Tata Group chairman Ratan Tata has said there is a need for a law to keep a tab on invasion of people’s privacy.

Tapes containing his private conversation with corporate lobbyist Niira Radia had been leaked to media last year, following which Tata had moved the Supreme Court seeking a direction to the government to probe the leakage as well as stop further publication of the same.

“There should be a law against invading people’s privacy, unless it’s for an investigative purpose," Tata said in an interview to the ‘Wall Street Journal´.

He told the daily that unchecked wiretapping and media willingness to publish such personal material pose grave dangers for India.

“We’re moving into an era, if all the tabloids and all the magazines talk of hearing people maybe talking to their mistress or talking about their health, or issues of this nature, then one day we would soon find people’s bodies in the trunks of cars you know, we’re settling scores," Tata said in the interview.

In November last year, Tata had expressed concern over unsubstantiated media attacks being made apparently on the basis of unauthorised tapes.

“So, I think these are bad times. I wish the government would take a stand, bring in an auditor and have an investigation. Book people who are guilty of something," he had said.

Phone tapping, including Tata-Radia conversation, are part of the investigation launched by various government agencies into the alleged irregularities during the sale of 2G spectrum to telecom companies in 2008.