‘N-deal will send a powerful message to Iran’

‘N-deal will send a powerful message to Iran’

Washington: The nuclear deal with India will send a strong signal to “outlaws such as Iran" on how a country could be “rewarded" if it behaves, the US has said as it questioned New Delhi’s assertion on “civilizational ties" with Tehran.

The US also termed as “anachronistic" India’s defence of some of its “oppressive and anti-democratic" non-aligned movement partners in the United Nations resolutions. As uncertainty looms large over the Indo-US nuclear deal, undersecretary of state Nicholas Burns has indicated that his country was aware of the difficulties that the initiative would encounter.

“...we knew that the nuclear issue was the proverbial elephant in the room in the US relationship with India. We also understood that resolving it would allow us to define a more truly ambitious partnership," he said in an article in Foreign Affairs magazine.

Referring to the opposition to the deal by Left parties, he said that despite the “objections", the UPA government has “stood firm and is meeting its commitments under the agreement".

Burns, who was key American negotiator for the deal, said the agreement serves the US’ national security interests. “It will also send a powerful message to nuclear outlaws such as Iran," Burns said.