Palin rakes in $7mn for McCain camp in a day

Palin rakes in $7mn for McCain camp in a day


St. Louis: Republican vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin proved she could bring in the money as John McCain’s campaign raked in $7 million in the first day after he announced his historic pick.

“That’s more money than we raised in the fourth quarter of 2007," press secretary Brooke Buchanan told reporters on Saturday after campaign donations were tallied.

The campaign raised more than $4.5 million online and $2.3 million by mail and phone in the first day after introducing Palin as McCain’s running mate at a standing-room only rally of 15,000 in Dayton, Ohio on Friday.

It was also the highest daily tally since McCain launched his presidential bid. But it is unlikely that the Palin bump will help McCain catch up with their Democratic rival Barak Obama before the November 4 election.

The Illinois senator had raised $389 million since launching his campaign last year and had $68.5 million in his coffers at the end of July, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

McCain had raised $174 million so far and had $32.7 million in cash on hand on July 31.

Campaign fundraising is a vital component of the modern US election machine, allowing candidates to roll out huge advertising blitzes, finance cross-country swings and build up huge staffs.

McCain raised $27 million in July, a record for the campaign that still fell far short of Obama’s monthly tally of $51 million.

Obama’s donor base has surpassed two million people willing to help fund his bid to become America’s first black president.

The McCain campaign said earlier this month that its donor base had topped 600,000.