New Delhi: Government on Wednesday expressed hope that it will be able to introduce the Lokpal Bill in Rajya Sabha on Wednesday afternoon.

A file photo of parliamentary affairs minister P. K. Bansal.

The Lokpal Bill was passed by Lok Sabha on Tuesday.

He said, “One thing is certain, it cannot be taken up unless Rajya Sabha decides to sit late like we did in Lok Sabha. Then only perhaps it could be passed today. Otherwise it will be passed tomorrow, but it will be taken up for consideration today."

Earlier, minister of states for parliamentary affairs V. Narayanasamy said the Lokpal Bill is unlikely to be tabled in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday.

The Lokpal Bill will have to get presidential assent in the wake of amendments made to it in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday and it can be tabled in the Rajya Sabha after that, he said.

After getting the President’s clearance, even if the Bill is tabled today in Rajya Sabha, it will be very late, he said.

Bansal also alleged that BJP had conspired to not confer Constitutional status to Lokpal.

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