New Delhi: A team of experts from Israel is in India to offer assistance in the field of water cooperation and management. The two countries are in the process of drafting a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on waste water management and knowledge sharing.

This MoU comes ahead of President Pranab Mukherjee’s planned visit to Israel in October.

Oded Distel, head of Israel NewTech Program, the National Water and Renewable Energy Program in the ministry of economy, said, “There is a good dialogue with the Indian government. It is being done by the embassy here and backed by the experts in Israel. It is now in the hands of the private sector to conduct deals."

The MoU, in its final stage, will look at opportunities in the areas of drip irrigation, de-salination, waste water reclamation and river rejuvenation.

Yoram Oren, a water expert from Israel, said, “Israel is a leading country in the amount of de-salination of water per capita. We also reclaim 78% of our waste water, which is much higher than other countries, including Spain and Australia."

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