‘Eco-friendly’ algae to enhance sugarcane yield: CSMCRI

‘Eco-friendly’ algae to enhance sugarcane yield: CSMCRI

Ahmedabad: The ‘eco-friendly´ algae cultivation technology pioneered by Bhavnagar based Central Salt and Marine Chemical Research Institute (CSMCRI) is emerging as a booster dose to enhance sugarcane yield.

“Using the thicking agent derived from this unique algae (Kappaphycus alvarezi) cultivation technology, sugarcane yield in a 1000 acre field shot up by 30% during first field trials conducted in Karnataka," CSMCRI Director Pushpito K. Ghosh said.

“The second field trials are slated to start on 5,000 acres of land each in the state of Tamilnadu and Uttar Pradesh," Ghosh said.

“Also commercial skilled production of bio-fertilizer using this algae will kick start soon. The production volumes of bio-fertilizer will be as large as 20,000 tonnes," he added.

Presently, this unique algae is being cultivated in Tamilnadu in a big way, after CSMCRI licensed the technology to Pepsico Food.

“Pepsi has transferred the whole cultivation interest to another firm Aqua Agri, and the new firm will soon be signing an agreement with the institute," Ghosh said.

“This algae came from one strand we imported years back from Japan in 1994-95, from which it has multiplied," Ghosh said.