New Delhi: Thousands of skilled workers trained by the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) will help the government speed up its Aadhaar project, under which every resident of India is to receive a unique identification (UID) number.

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), which is implementing the Aadhaar project, signed a memorandum of understanding on 2 June to draft the NSDC-trained workers for various jobs, ranging from handling technology to paper forms and for explaining to people the benefits of opening a bank accounts, which is happening alongside the UID enrolments.

“Enrolment agencies (of the UID) face the challenge of getting good quality manpower who are adequately trained in the Aadhaar enrolment process and conversant with local language to work locally. NSDC through its partners can help... address this challenge by developing a pool of adequately skilled and certified manpower," said the agreement note between NSDC and UIDAI, a copy of which was reviewed by Mint.

NSDC was set up in 2008 as a joint venture between the government and industry lobbies to help the sector meet an acute shortage of skilled workers by providing training to millions of youngsters. It does so by partnering with vocational education centres across the country.

The UIDAI, which targets the issue of ID numbers to 600 million people by 2014, had enrolled 8.14 million people by 7 June. Director general R.S. Sharma said the authority has around 20,000 people currently working on enrolment, but will require around 100,000 when the process gathers steam.

“We have created an ecosystem of enrolments where we require qualified and skilled operators to carry out the process. As NSDC develops the skills, we have tied up with them to get access to this skilled workforce," Sharma said.

Skills required of workers include the ability to operate computers and biometric devices, along with managing crowds, Sharma added. “Operators are also required to guide the residents about the utility of using UID and also telling them about options/advantages of opening bank accounts etc."

NSDC managing director Dilip Chenoy said the agreement offers a new business opportunity for its partners. “This is based on an entrepreneurship model and (creates) a win-win-situation for both the parties," Chenoy said.