New Delhi: In a scathing attack, former Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Saturday said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi led government was “drunk on power" and was ensuring that all tricks of the trade were used to destroy the Congress party. She however added that Congress would not bow down to such pressures.

“In the last four years, this arrogant and power drunk government has left no stone unturned in destroying the Congress party. There is an open game of saam-daam-dand-bhed (every trick of the trade) but the Congress party has never and will never bow down to the arrogance of power," she said while addressing the plenary session of the party.

She added that the slogans of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government were ‘dramebaazi’ and simply a ploy to get votes. “Today with complete self confidence, we should all resolve that we will struggle and make sacrifices in order to take Congress to new heights," she added.

The longest serving Congress president, Sonia Gandhi was succeeded by Rahul Gandhi in December last year. Her comments gain significance as it comes in the backdrop of losing political clout of the Congress owing to a series of electoral defeats beginning with 2014 general elections.

Recounting the several policy decisions taken by Congress led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) in its earlier regime, Sonia Gandhi said: “It really saddens me to see that the Modi government is weakening and neglecting all these programmes and schemes."

Addressing the first ever plenary session under newly appointed party chief and son, Rahul Gandhi, she urged all the party members to unite under his leadership to contest polls together.

“Rahul Gandhi has taken up this responsibility at a very challenging time. We all should come together and work under his leadership. This is not the time to think about your personal egos and aspirations. This is the time to think what all each one of us can do for the party," Gandhi told supporters. “Party’s win will be country’s win and party’s win will be all of ours win," she said adding that Congress under Rahul Gandhi should become a party which once again sets the fundamental national agenda.

In her speech, Sonia Gandhi also spoke about the upcoming Karnataka elections and expressed hope of a good performance. “I am fully confident that in the next few weeks, our party will give an exemplary performance in Karnataka elections will give a new direction to country’s politics," she added.

Karnataka elections are likely to take place in April-May. Chief minister K. Siddaramaiah led Congress is battling anti-incumbency in the state.