UNSC without India an ‘anachronism’: Blair

UNSC without India an ‘anachronism’: Blair

New Delhi: Pitching for a greater role for New Delhi in world affairs, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair today termed “anachronism" the UN Security Council without India as a permanent member.

“A UNSC without India as a permanent member is an anachronism. An IMF or a World Bank without a proper role for India will no longer do," Blair said addressing the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit here.

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However, he was quick to sound a word of caution saying that “with power comes responsibility" and India could have people knocking at her doors not to seek opinions, but to hear answers.

“But, beware one thing: with the power will come the responsibility. Of a sudden, you will find the expectation that you will, in partnership with others, lead the world; so you will be able to solve its problems.

“It is an exciting prospect, but also a daunting one. Ask America, or increasingly, China," he said.

The Labour party leader was optimistic that the world’s largest democracy, which has “come so far" over the last 60 years, has a “spring in its step" and would rise to the challenge.

“The poverty for millions remains. But those that have escaped it, and can lead others to do so, those who here and round the world are evidence of the dynamism, enterprise and ingenuity of the Indian people, show what the true spirit of India can do.

“Such a spirit will design your future. And that future will shine bright," Blair said.