PepsiCo, Citi among best US cos for women from multiple cultures

PepsiCo, Citi among best US cos for women from multiple cultures


New York: With their employee-friendly and innovative initiatives, two American corporate giants PepsiCo and Citigroup -- led by India-born chief executives -- have made to a list of best employers for women across cultures.

Evaluating the presence and prominence of coloured women in the US corporate world, the list of 20 companies has been drawn up by US-based Working Mother magazine. It is primarily on the basis of diversity programmes for such employees.

“... These businesses recognise that it is not just about recruitment. Many use “real" inclusion programmes to actively develop, retain, and promote their multicultural employees," the magazine said in an accompanying report.

Beverages major PepsiCo is led by Chennai-born Indra Nooyi, named by Fortune magazine as one of the most powerful business people in the world, while Nagpur-born Vikram Pandit is the chief executive of banking giant Citigroup.

According to the magazine, PepsiCo has about 10% employees who are ‘women of colour´, with 7% of them are executives and managers.

“Since 2002, PepsiCo has prioritised the hiring, development and retention of women of colour in middle and senior management through its Women of Colour Multicultural Alliance, which aims to increase representation of multicultural women across the company.

“All told, senior-level representation of women of colour increased nearly 3% from 2002 to 2006," it added.

Vikram Pandit-led Citigroup has a higher representation of women of colour in its ranks, making up 22% of the total employees. However, when it comes to executives or managers, there is only about 4% of such people.

Noting that nearly 28% of new hires last year at the Citigroup were women of colour, the report said the figure was up from 25% in 2006.