Re1 air ticket gets grounded

Re1 air ticket gets grounded

Lured by that ridiculous Delhi-Mumbai Re1 air ticket, how many of us have hit the BUY NOW button, only to find that the final bill was 3,50,000% more expensive at around Rs3,500.

We thought the government was the culprit, charging us so much tax. But the truth was different. Yes, the tax to be paid to the government was there, but the big bite of charges came from airline fuel and congestion charges.

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Cost was being stuffed under these heads and the basic ‘low low fare’ was kept at Re1. In 2009, the government shut this door to consumer cheating.

Airlines can now charge under one head and need to bundle everything into it. The base fare charge is what you pay the airline to fly you from point A to point B.

Additionally, your ticket consists of cost heads that go to external agencies other than the airline.

For instance, the passenger service fee goes to the government as taxes and airport fee is retained by the airport.

Compiled by Deepti Bhaskaran

Illustration by Jayachandran, Graphic by Yogesh Kumar