British marines hold high-altitude drills in India

British marines hold high-altitude drills in India


Srinagar: Members of Britain’s Royal Marines kicked off 25 days of joint high-altitude military exercises with the Indian army in the far northern Ladakh region,according to officials.

The “Himalayan Warrior" manoeuvres, involving around 100 British soldiers, are designed to test their ability to operate at altitudes of about 5,000 metres (16,500 feet).

“We have some of the highest peaks in the region and British marines want to take advantage of that," the Indian army spokesman in Kashmir, Lieutenant Colonel Anil Mathur, told AFP.

The Ladakh region is close to the heavily-militarized borders which India shares with Pakistan and China.

Mathur said the exercises would include mock strikes on enemy hide-outs and hit-and-run raids by troops operating in small groups.