Watch/Listen: Mint in Multimedia 17 December

Watch/Listen: Mint in Multimedia 17 December

Slideshow: Armchair Tourism

Watch a slideshow about travel magazines focused on India

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Podcast: Just to Clarify

What kind of cameras does somebody like Cameron use to shoot his movies? How does the projection in the cinema hall work? What in heaven’s name is the role of those glasses? And how do our eyes get tricked into perceiving depth where there is none?

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Video:The Mint report for 16 December 2009

States upset UPA plan for GST rollout; Dr. Reddy’s wins court ruling on selling generic drug.

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Video: Egypt sends a Nano invitation to Tata

Mohamed Higazy, Egypt’s ambassador to India, insisted that Tata Motors would definitely consider the government’s proposal after the initial phase of the launch of the Nano

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