BJP lashes Cong for criticizing EVMs in Gujarat panchayat polls

BJP lashes Cong for criticizing EVMs in Gujarat panchayat polls

New Delhi: In what seems like a role reversal of sorts, the Bharatiya Janata "Party or BJP on Monday lashed out at the Congress for its criticism of Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) in the context of the recently held panchayat election in Gujarat.

The Congress had earlier claimed these elections had been "rigged" and the EVMs had been tampered with.

"After being totally wiped out in the civic body elections as well as panchayat polls in Gujarat, the Congress is now trying to put the blame on EVM. Instead of blaming the EVMs the Congress should really find out why the people did not vote for them," BJP spokesperson Nirmala Sitharaman said. The main opposition party also accused the Congress - which heads the coalition at the centre, of doing a u-turn on its stand on EVMs so far. "During the recent all party meet on EVMs held by the Election Commission of India, Congress has vouched that these machines were tamper-proof and needs no change. Even the Prime Minister of India has categorically denied that the EVMs used in elections are liable for tampering," Sitharaman said.

Meanwhile, the BJP’s support of the EVMs also comes as a surprise given the party’s consistent campaign against the machine. The party has so far maintained the machine can be tampered with and in the recent EC-all party meet, it even demanded a paper trail as back up to the EVM.