New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Wednesday said that it ought not to step into Parliament’s area of work.

“In the name of judicial activism, we shouldn’t be stepping into the arena of the Parliamentarians," a bench with chief justice H.L. Dattu, justices A.K. Sikri and Arun Mishra said. The court was considering a plea that sought to disqualify those against whom a court frames criminal charges from becoming ministers.

“At first blush, your arguments look attractive, novel, but on deeper consideration, no," Dattu added.

The court added that criminal law principle was that a person was innocent until proven guilty, and the stage of charges being framed was not conclusive. The court also referred to a five-judge bench decision from last year, which had clarified that the prime minister would have the discretion to pick his cabinet and the court would not interfere.

The court will continue to hear the case on Thursday.