Bengaluru: Government is ready to discuss any issue in Parliament including “intolerance", if opposition shows “tolerance" and allows the House to function, Union minister M Venkaiah Naidu said on Friday, asserting that Bihar poll result should not be construed as a “verdict to obstruct Parliament".

“You can discuss intolerance, provided you are tolerant and allow Parliament to function. If you are tolerant and allow the Parliament to function, you can discuss intolerance and government has no problem in discussing any issue," the Parliamentary affairs minister told reporters in Bengaluru.

Responding to a question on opposition move to raise the “intolerance" issue during the Parliament session, he said, “Government has no problem at all in discussing any issue, every issue. Some people have already said as per the media that Parliament will not be allowed to function. The verdict in favour of a party in a state is not a verdict to obstruct the parliament." “....we have to learn lessons...and make more progressive legislation and contribute to the growth of the country that is the message that has come. We have to understand in positive terms. I’m confident that at the end of the day people will discuss in Parliament...," he added.

Contending that India is today the most favourite destination for investment, Naidu said some opponents had launched a “disinformation campaign" for political reasons.

He said “they are intolerant towards the mandate of the people. They are spreading disinformation campaign by exaggerating and blowing out of proportion certain incidents that happened in some parts of the country. That too in Congress ruled states and states ruled by their friends."

Naidu pointed out that rationalists M.M. Kalburgi was murdered in Congress ruled Karnataka, Narendra Dabholkar was killed during Congress rule in Maharashtra and Dadri incident happened under Samajwadi Party rule in Uttar Pradsh. “So blowing things out of proportion they are thinking they are hurting Modi, but they are hurting the interest of the country, they should understand that," Naidu said.

Refusing to comment on the Tipu Sultan Jayanti row in Karnataka, Naidu, also a member of Rajya Sabha representing the state, however, said bringing the city’s founder Kempegowda’s name into a controversy on the issue of naming Bangaluru international airport “is uncalled for".

He said there had been two viws about Tipu Sultan as some people admire him and some condemn him. “Let the peaceful debate go on, why should government get into it? That’s my view as Union minister." “I was not particularity able to understand what is the immediate reason for this celebration (Tipu Jayanti) suddenly," he added.