Islamabad: A Pakistani anti-terrorism court has permitted prosecutors to question former military ruler Pervez Musharraf and include him in the investigation into the assassination of ex-premier Benazir Bhutto in 2007.

Judge Chaudhry Habib-ur-Rehman of the Rawalpindi-based ant-terrorism court accepted a request from the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to include the former military ruler in the probe into the assassination.

The request was made a day after the Rawalpindi bench of the Lahore High Court cancelled Musharraf’s interim bail in the same case. Special prosecutor Chaudhry Zulfiqar Ali told reporters that the FIA had made the request to include Musharraf in the probe after the cancellation of his interim bail.

“The court gave FIA’s joint investigation team permission to include Musharraf in the investigation and to arrest him," he said.

“In view of security threats to the accused, the investigation to be done at the sub-jail," Ali said, referring to the decision made by authorities to detain Musharraf at his farmhouse on the outskirts of Islamabad because of threats to his life.

Ali said Musharraf would be presented in the anti-terrorism court on Friday. The joint investigation team will decide whether to seek physical or judicial custody of Musharraf for the probe into Bhutto’s assassination, he said.

Legal experts said the FIA was completing formalities to include Musharraf in the probe and it was unlikely he would be moved from his farmhouse, which was declared a “sub-jail" last week, for the investigation.