2G Scam | 2 June 2011

2G Scam | 2 June 2011

Hindustan Times

Maran bent rules to give his friend licence

New Delhi: Even as Dayanidhi Maran denies allegations of favouring any company when he was telecom minister in 2004-07, more evidence has surfaced that points to the contrary. (read story)

The Economic Times

ADAG official Satish Seth says Gautam Doshi took decisions regarding Swan Telecom

New Delhi: A senior official of the Reliance ADA Group (R-ADAG), considered a key aide of chairman Anil Ambani, has described himself as a consultant in a statement to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). The official, Satish Seth , a group managing director, was questioned by the CBI in connection with the 2G scam. (read story)

Daily News & Analysis

Brothers Maran! Last but one chapter to be written

Chennai: “The Sun never sets on the Maran Empire", business honchos used to say about the Sun Group owned by Kalanithi and his younger brother Dayanithi Maran, the union textiles minister. But events of the last two days indicate that twilight hours have set in for the Marans, estimated to be worth $4billion in 2011 by Forbes magazine. (read story)


Minister steals a telephone exchange, loots BSNL

Chennai: Indeed a shocking, daring robbery. A telecom central minister from Tamil Nadu got the BSNL to connect 323 telephone lines to his home, not in Delhi where he had work, but in Chennai where he had none. He got all the 323 home lines listed not in his name but in the name of the Chief General Manager BSNL Chennai. (read story)

The Financial Express

Ex-FBI chief helped CBI meet man who could ‘testify’ on Maran

New Delhi: Investigation into allotment of spectrum licences between the years 2001 and 2007 is set to gather momentum with the Central Bureau of Investigation expecting to record the written statement of NRI businessman and Chairman of the Sterling Group, C Shivasankaran, within the next few days. (read story)

The Hindu

The habit of covering up

New Delhi: Two years into UPA-II, Sonia Gandhi made the brave statement at a celebratory event that the Congress-led coalition would “take corruption head on" and “demonstrate through actions, not words, that we mean what we say." (read more)