Ramdev banned from entering Delhi for 15 days

Ramdev banned from entering Delhi for 15 days

New Delhi: After cracking down on Baba Ramdev’s agitation, police on Sunday banned him from entering Delhi for the next 15 days and justified its action saying the organizers did not restrict themselves to a yoga camp as originally permitted but resorted to a political agitation and made provocative speeches.

Top government sources said Ramdev has been banned from entering Delhi for the next 15 days as police flew him to Dehradun in a special plane accompanied by two policemen following the action at his protest site at Ramlila Maidan.

A senior police official said they had granted permission to Ramdev-led Bharat Swabhiman Trust to hold yoga training camp at Ramlila Ground.

“But the same was withdrawn, as the events unfolded, when all efforts failed to convince Ramdev and organizers to restrict to the activities what was originally permitted, keeping in view of the heightened security scenario of the capital city and public safety.

“On June 4, the first day of the training camp, no yoga training as such was organized. Instead, leaders from political and religious organizations, including Baba Ramdev chose to incite his followers through provocative speeches from the dais and exhorted people to join in large numbers," the official said.

When policemen moved to detain Ramdev from the protest site, the official said, his followers pelted stones, flower pots and whatever they could get their hands on.

“This ensued some pushing and pulling between the policemen and the supporters resulting in injuries to supporters as well as policemen. Thirty-nine supporters, including 4 women, and 23 policemen sustained injuries," the official said.