Cash-for-vote scam: Amar Singh gets clean chit

Cash-for-vote scam: Amar Singh gets clean chit

New Delhi: A Lok Sabha committee that went into the cash-for-votes scam during UPA government’s confidence vote in July has exonerated Samajwadi Party MP Amar Singh and Congress MP Ahmed Patel saying there was no evidence against them.

Two Opposition MPs -- V K Malhotra of BJP and Mohd Saleem of CPM -- have given dissenting notes on the 466-page report of the committee headed by Congress MP Kishore Chandra Suryanarayana Deo saying they distanced themselves from it.

The committee has, however, recommended a probe by an “appropriate agency" into the role of Sanjeev Saxena, said to be an aide of Amar Singh, Sohail Hindustani, driver, and Sudheendra Kulkarni, an aide of BJP leader L K Advani.

The committee report and the dissenting reports were placed on the table of the Lok Sabha on Monday.

Three BJP MPs had shocked the Lok Sabha on 22 July when they opened a bag displayed wads of currency notes claiming they were offered Rs3 crore in bribe by Amar Singh, in which Ahmed Patel also allegedly played a role, to vote or abstain in favour of the government.

The BJP MPs were Ashok Argal, Fagan Singh Kulasthe and Mahavir Bagora.

“There is no direct evidence against Amar Singh. The committee is inclined to discount the video clip of the car entering or coming out of Amar Singh’s house because in the first place the video clipping does not show the face of persons (claimed to be Shri Argal and Kulasthe) seated in the rear seat," the committee said.