Bombs tear through Assam state, leave numbness and shock

Bombs tear through Assam state, leave numbness and shock


Guwahati: Numbness and shock gave way to violent protests as 13 blasts ripped through Assam, killing 40 people and injuring 200 others.

Within minutes of the serial blasts, unruly mobs took to the streets in the city and attacked fire-tenders, police and official vehicles.

Policemen who were busy evacuating the injured were finding it tough as the unruly mob was posing hindrance by pelting stones. They even targeted ambulances which were on the way to blast site and tried to set some of these vehicles on fire.

The Chief Judicial Magistrate Court, one of the blast site, which opened after Diwali holidays and saw presence of large number of lawyers and litigants was silenced by a loud bang which reverberated the court premises.

The area was engulfed with dense black smoke and pieces of broken window-panes of cars, mangled remains of two-wheelers, and blood laden bodies were scattered all over the premises.

People were crying for help and some were too stunned to say anything.

The railings around the parking area of the court were left completely damaged and one could see hundreds of splinter marks on nearby cars, walls and trees