Global Political Risk Index

Global Political Risk Index

India moved up two places to 11 in Eurasia Group’s ranking of 24 countries based on their political risks. The outlook is neutral for India, which had a composite score of 62 in the latest monthly index compiled by the political risk consultancy. The score was unchanged from February. A quarterly analysis prepared by Eurasia said the April-May general election, which has taken the government’s eye off the economy, will have significant consequences for both short-and long-term economic policies and growth. “The economic policy of the ruling coalition will depend on whether the leftists play a role in government, on the composition of the top leadership (particularly the prime minister’s position), and whether the coalition must depend on parties known to be unreliable partners," it said. Controlling the runaway fiscal deficit will be key for the next government.

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The index is a composite measure of a country’s government, society, security and economy. While the score indicates stability or instability for the month gone by (March, in this case), the outlook (positive, negative or neutral) indicates which way the scores will move.

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