Saving from harming Indian heritage

Saving from harming Indian heritage


New Delhi: The Archaeological Survey of India has undertaken the task of protecting 3,667 monuments across the country while the state governments are looking after another 3,573 monuments.

There are a large number of monuments which are neither under the control of ASI nor the state governments, Union Minister for Culture, Ambika Soni, told the Rajya Sabha on 4 December. “ National Mission on Monuments and Antiquities has been set up to prepare a database of the archaeological remains, sites, antiquities and monuments in the country" she added.

The ASI has received 24 proposals from several states for excavation of heritage sites. Out of the 24 proposals received 14 have been approved by ASI which include excavation at Khukhargarh in Ranchi and Tinur in Kerala, Soni said.

Forty monuments in Himachal Pradesh have been notified to be of national importance under the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act 1958, she said.

Expressing concern over instances of scribbling and graffiti on walls in some monuments, she said that media campaign has been launched to raise public awareness.

Besides, the watch and ward staff have also been asked to be vigilant in order to detect such acts of vandalism, she added.