BJP President lambasts UPA for growing terrorism

BJP President lambasts UPA for growing terrorism


Hyderabad: Criticising UPA government for its soft approach towards terrorism, BJP President Rajnath Singh on 18 September alleged that the central government neither has a policy nor the political will to deal with the deadly menance effectively.

Addressing a press conference here, Singh said,“it is shameful that the working commitee of United Nation Security Council has raised serious question on India’s ability to fight against terrorism and the government should take note of it."

The counter-terrorism committee set up after 9/11 to implement the resolution No. 1373 had said that India lags in its efforts to counter terrorism, he said. Condemning the growing terrorism in the country, Singh said: “ISI aided sleeper modules within the country are more dangerous than a nuclear bomb".

The BJP President demanded the UPA governmment to intensify diplomatic efforts to enforce resolution of UN Security Council on Pakistan and Bangladesh, who were not cooperating on war against terrorism.

The centre should mount pressure on the UN to warn Pakistan and Bangladesh and if they do not comply to resolution No.1373, economic sanction should be imposed on both the countries, Singh added.