Nagpur: A high-level official committee has singled out former Mumbai police commissioner Hasan Gafoor for severe indictment of his handling of the Mumbai terror attacks, faulting him for “absence of overt leadership" and “lack of visible command and control".

Facing flak: Former police commissioner of Mumbai Hasan Gafoor.

However, it did not find any serious lapses on the part of individual officers and personnel of the Mumbai Police.

In fact, it praised the courage of officers and men to launch themselves into situation that were hopeless and knowing that they may be killed.

“Supreme instance of that was the way the ASI Tukaram Gopal Omble tackled two terrorists (one of whom was Ajmal Kasab) in a Skoda car in Chowpatty," the committee report said.

Home Minister R. R. Patil tabled a Marathi translation of the report in the state assembly on Monday six months after the committee submitted its findings to Chief Minister Ashok Chavan.

He informed the House that a 16-member panel, comprising the chief minister and himself, will study all aspects of the report, including its “leakage" in the media.

The committee has suggested steps to strengthen coastal security and to remove red tape for quicker modernization of the police force.