Respiratory disorders still on rise: doctors

Respiratory disorders still on rise: doctors

New Delhi: Although a Central Pollution Control Board study states that only 2 out of 5 pollutants have increased between the years 2000 and 2008, vehicular pollution continues to be a significant cause of respiratory diseases. One in 10 children between the ages of 5 and 14 years suffers from asthma, says another study conducted by the Vallabh Bhai Patel Chest Institute.

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76166cf8-b975-11dd-8798-000b5dabf613.flv“In (the year) 2000, there were 35 lakh cars registered in Delhi. Today it’s 55 lakhs", says Dr. Makhijani, Member Secretary of the Central Pollution Control Board. “That’s an increase of 57%. Delhi is registering 1000 vehicles a day, or 2.5 lakh increase per year",

The problem of pollution triggering allergies like asthma, is especially troublesome for children who already have under-developed immune systems. “For the last few years, I’ve been seeing more children with allergy problems", says Dr. Rajiv Uttam, a paediatric pulminologist with Fortis Hospital in New Delhi.

He advises parents to take their children to a doctor when they have persistent coughs and to avoid cough and cold suppressants.

Dr. Uttam also suggests giving children the flu shot, which reduces the chance of getting the flu by 20-30%. Getting the flu can exacerbate problems leading to things like asthma and other respiratory allergies, he adds.