The Mint report for 31 March 2010

The Mint report for 31 March 2010

Commerce minister Anand Sharma has announced a stimulus package for exports. The package is worth Rs625 crore. It includes incentives for 200 items under the market-linked focused product schemes. That includes sectors like electronics and engineering chemicals sold to 15 countries. Also in the list are 300 products in the readymade garments sector that are sold to the US and the EU.

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Sharma also said foreign direct investment into India has grown significantly in February. He said FDI inflows were up 15.4% to $1.72 billion that month compared to the same period last year.

In yet another announcement, Anand Sharma said the government would introduce a new document to simplify FDI procedures. The new, comprehensive policy document will consolidate up to 178 different press notes. Sharma also said the policy document would be updated every six months with help from industry body FICCI.

A historic law comes into effect on Thursday. The Right To Education law will make education a fundamental right for children aged between six and fourteen years. It’s expected to benefit some one crore children across the country who do not go to school.

Harley-Davidson fans can look forward to getting their new set of wheels very soon. On Wednesday the company announced it had appointed its first five dealers in India. Harley will offer 12 models locally and will start bookings on 20 April.