HelpAge seeks Govt support for value education

HelpAge seeks Govt support for value education


Kolkata: With India’s 90 million 60-plus population projected to increase to 100 million by 2013, HelpAge India, has begun mobilizing opinion for incorporating value education as part of the school curriculum.

Societal changes like systematic breakdown of the joint family norm in India has left the elderly bereft of their support system, forcing them to lead a life of loneliness and hardship within their own houses and societies.

“Projections beyond 2016 by the UN has indicated that India will have 198 million 60-plus age-group people by 2030 and that needs of older people are special and require specific attention," they said.

HelpAge India national director Susmita Ghose said “HelpAge India is seeking government support to formulate policies to incorporate value education as part of school curricula."

At a seminar in Kolkata the organization brought principals of schools together to elicit opinion about introducing value education in the syllabus for bringing children closer to the elderly.

HelpAge country director, Kapil Kaul said that the organization had been in touch with the education ministers of different states with the purpose of inculcating the spirit of caring for the elderly among children and by fostering stronger inter-generational relationships between the young and the old.

Quoting a study, they said about 70% of the older people in India were dependant and wished to live with their children.