Pakistan should punish Mumbai attackers urgently: Obama

Pakistan should punish Mumbai attackers urgently: Obama

Washington: President Barack Obama Wednesday asked Pakistan to bring to book “transparently, fully and urgently" those responsible for the Mumbai terror attacks.

Answering criticism that Washington had not “leaned enough" on Pakistan to deal with terrorism emanating from its soil, Obama said that the United States had taken every opportunity to make it clear to Pakistan that “confronting violent extremism of all sorts is in its own interests and in the interest of regional stability."

About Mumbai attacks, the US leader said that Pakistan should fulfill its stated commitments to bring to justice those responsible for terrorism.

“Since the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, we have told the Pakistani government that they have an international responsibility to cooperate to bring the perpetrators to justice, and that there is a special responsibility to do so transparently, fully and urgently," he told PTI.

He said, “Pakistan is taking important steps and making sacrifices in our shared fight against extremism, and we will continue to underscore the importance of taking additional action to eliminate terrorist safe havens."