What is it? The total weight of disposable contact lenses thrown away every year in the US, according to a study by the centre for environmental health engineering at Arizona.

Why is it important? Around 14 billion ‘disposable contact lenses’ are discarded annually in the US. Lenses are flushed out, processed in sewage treatment plants but eventually end up in farmlands. The study says 13,000kg of contact lens plastic end up in farmlands.

~ 47%

What is it? The percentage of women Hajj pilgrims from India in 2018.
Why is it important?
This is the highest percentage of women to make the annual pilgrimage to Mecca, the holiest city for Muslims. This is also the first time women are allowed without having to be accompanied by men. Over 175,000 Indians are undertaking the pilgrimage this year.
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Over 2 million people are expected to visit Mecca this Hajj season, which will last till Friday.


What is it? The number of years it has taken Novak Djokovic to win all nine Masters titles, a set of tournaments in men’s tennis that lie one level below Grand Slams and were elevated to this standing in 1990.

Why is it important? Djokovic finally won the Cincinnati Masters, beating Roger Federer, to become the first player to win all nine Masters titles. Djokovic won his first Masters title in 2007.