Colours of pride package

Colours of pride package

Delhi’s streets turned colourful, noisy and exuberant on Sunday with some 2000 members of the city’s LGBT community and their supporters participating in the first queer pride parade since the Delhi high court overturned Section 377 of the Indisn penal code, which criminalized homosexuality.

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“Such parades give us an exposure and also the courage to face the public. Although after the legalization of homosexuality, we feel more secure and more willing to come out in open", said Karan, a participant in the parade.

Participants included supporters, activists, students, teachers and foreign nationals. Among them was an elderly woman who came out in support of her gay grandson.

“My children are free and have full right to live their life the way they want and their happiness is what matters most to me", she said.

Anuradha Mukherjee of the NGO Naz Foundation said the high turnout was the result of both changing attitudes and the decriminalization of homosexuality. She added that gays and lesbians were not concealing their identities as much as they used to.

“[The number] of people wearing masks have decreased which shows a positive shift is happening and people are letting go of their fears."