Comments on outsourcing need not bother us: Chidambaram

Comments on outsourcing need not bother us: Chidambaram

New Delhi: Welcoming the election of Democrat Barack Obama as President of the United States, finance minister P Chidambaram said that his comments on outsourcing of services should not bother India.

“A comment here and a comment there (on outsourcing of services to India) should not bother us. Once Obama is in office, he will realise that it is an interconnected world and countries have to work together", he said.

“The US as the world’s largest economy and India as the world’s largest free market democracy have to work together," he said, adding Indo-US relations would continue to improve under the new administration.

Commenting on Obama’s election as President, Chidambaram said: “It is a transformational change in the US and many ghosts have been exorcised by this election."

“I think this (election of Obama) is a tribute to the US democracy that a young, forward-looking black has been elected," he added.