Mayawati slams WikiLeaks report

Mayawati slams WikiLeaks report

Lucknow: Slamming the WikiLeaks report about her, Uttar Pradesh chief minister Mayawati on Tuesday alleged that its owner was either playing in the hands of her political opponents or had gone “mad".

“I would request the government of his country to send him to a mental asylum and if they have no place for him in his country we can put him in our Agra mental hospital", Mayawati told reporters here.

Terming the allegations against her, her government, its officials and partymen as “baseless", she said, “They are wrong, mischievous and derogatory and an effort to damage the image of the government and condemned them".

The chief minister also criticized those indulging in “dirty politics" and a section of the media for showing “one sided report" without taking the reaction of the government.

This is indicative of their anti-Dalit mentality, she said.

According to the WikiLeaks report on Mayawati, the chief minister was obsessed with security and that she had once dispatched a plane to get her favourite sandals from Mumbai.

“I have no information of when the plane was sent to Mumbai for bringing sandals as has been stated by a BJP leader (Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi) and it looks that he and the Wikileaks owner had also gone in the same plane", she said.

On two of her close aides - cabinet secretary Shahshak Shekhar Singh and party national general secretary Satish Chandra Misra finding mention in the cables, she retorted that from now on they would be given more importance.

“If there is an attempt to defame honest and officials with clean image as well as dedicated partymen I would give them more importance from now on", she said.

Asking the party workers to remain vigilant with regard to “this kind of canard", Mayawati said, that with the assembly elections approaching, these “dramas" would go on.

To a question whether she would take legal recourse in this regard, Mayawati said that if any decision is taken in this regard, the media would be informed about it.

The Uttar Pradesh chief minister also took the opportunity to attack Naqvi without naming him for his remarks on the expose.

“I had not seen the kind of elation he showed while highlighting WikiLeaks to defame the BSP even when he was elected to the Rajya Sabha", she said, adding that it looked as if he was a “partner" in the WikiLeaks report.

Reacting to the report, Mishra described it as “absolutely false" and threatened to take legal action.

“I have not met any US official, ambassador or foreign dignitary in May 2007. So, whatever has been printed, it is absolutely wrong and false," he said, adding ,“There is definitely some conspiracy behind it because a 2007 event is being talked about ahead of the 2012 UP Assembly polls".