The (central) banker on top

The (central) banker on top

September was the month D. Subbarao took charge as the governor of the Reserve Bank of India, the country’s central bank, and, consequently, it was also the month he was included in Mint’s list of influencers. Given the unprecedented events that began on 15 September when Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy, which have seen governments and central banks working furiously to infuse liquidity into the global financial system, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Subbarao was the most cited in global media among the group of 20 influencers.

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Even in Indian media, he was the sixth most cited. As a group, the influencers were cited more in September than in August in Indian media, with 17 of them being cited more. In global media, the influencers as a group didn’t gain much in September over August in terms of citings. Thus, while 13 of them were cited more in September than in the previous month, the gains were insignificant in both absolute and relative terms. Overall, the group was cited 799 times in global media in September (642 in August). In Indian media the corresponding numbers were 3,053 and 2,066.

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As has been the trend in the index, ministers Kamal Nath (industry and commerce) and P. Chidambaram (finance) continued to be among the top five in terms of citings across both domestic and international media.

The Mint Influencers Index is a monthly, objective measure based on media analysis by Dow Jones Insight, which tracks these leaders, looking at the volume of media citings for each of them as a proxy for their rising or waning influence. The assumption is that visibility and share of voice is good for them and their companies and, in the case of global media, collectively the index is a good surrogate for the growing or waning interest in India.

Graphics by Ahmed Raza Khan / Mint