MoD to recommend ‘comprehensive’ action against scam culprits

MoD to recommend ‘comprehensive’ action against scam culprits

New Delhi: As the Indian Navy submitted its report on the Adarsh housing society scam Wednesday, the defence ministry indicated it would come down heavily on the culprits, who hoodwinked the system, by Monday, saying the action it recommends would be so “comprehensive" as to serve as a “preventive" step against future recurrences.

“The Navy has submitted its report on the Adarsh society issue. We are studying the reports submitted by Army, Defence Estates and the Navy to collate all relevant information. The punitive action will come on Monday and it will be so comprehensive that it would prevent such scams from occurring in the future," defence ministry sources said in New Delhi.

The Navy, sources said, had raised serious security concerns over the 31-storey building in a military zone, thereby compromising the several sensitive installations including a naval air base nearby.

Its report also noted that the building had come up with the security perimeter of its installations and it could be a high risk to its installations, as it was possible to monitor the activities of the naval base easily from it.

In fact, the security concerns were shared by the Army too in its report submitted last week to the defence ministry, sources said, pointing out that it wanted the ministry to get to the bottom of the issue of how the land was alienated by officers posted locally in 1999.

The Army was in “de facto" possession of the 6,490-sqmt plot of land since the early 1990s and had used it as a training location for its troops in the metropolis.

With these strong recommendations from the Army and the Navy, the defence ministry is likely to take a concrete view on the action it wanted to be taken against the personnel responsible for the housing society coming up there and against the promoters of the 100-metre high complex.

Already, the ministry is mulling action against its personnel and society promoters, including recommending probes by CBI and Income Tax, apart from complete take over of the building or demolishing it citing security and environment concerns, after it was stung by the Adarsh housing society episode recently.

However, sources said the ministry had not yet approached the CBI to probe the case.

An informal expert group of ministry officials would meet over the weekend to take a final call on the punitive action in the case and to collate all information from the three reports from the Army, Navy and Defence Estates directorate.