Govt to extend ongoing Parliament session

Govt to extend ongoing Parliament session

New Delhi: Against normal practice, the United Progressive Alliance or UPA government decided to extend the ongoing Parliament session, instead of adjourning it sine die.

As a result, the session, which began on 17 October as a continuation of the two day session that was convened on 21 July to prove the United Progressive Alliance or UPA government’s majority, will continue its sitting from 10 December, two days after the declaration of results of five crucial assembly elections.

According to Parliamentary Affairs Minister Vayalar Ravi, the decision to reconvene the 14th session on 10 December was taken because the opposition wanted rescheduling of the session in view of the upcoming festive season and the assembly elections in six states.

The ongoing session was scheduled to conclude on 21 November.

The move has invited severe criticism from the Left parties. The Communist Party of India(Marxist) or CPM criticised the government’s reluctance to convene a fresh session.

“Government is worried about a no-confidence motion coming. But parliamentary schedule cannot be manipulated to ensure that there would not be any no-confidence motion," said Ravi.

The Left wanted a fresh and full-fledged winter session. According to Parliament rules, two trust votes cannot be moved in one session.

A section of Congress leaders also expressed their unhappiness.

“You cannot flout precedence and traditions so blatantly," said a senior Congress leader, who did not want to be identified.

The main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party has demanded a rescheduling of the session due to the festivals and the state polls .