Bengaluru: Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan Monday said the state has become the first in the country to provide electricity to every home.

The state already had 10% of households in every village electrified, which is the norm to get the title “total electrified" by the central government. But the ruling Left Front government, after assuming office in last May, has been running a campaign to bring electricity to the last unelectrified home.

Towards this, it eased requirements like security deposit and land titles, and even mobilized funds from legislators to corporate sponsors for internal wiring of poor households, said electricity minister M.M. Mani, over the phone.

The campaign cost the government an estimated Rs175 crore and lit up around 1.5 lakh households, including some 1.32 lakh households below poverty line. The government has still not been able to bring electricity to some 1,000 structures in the state’s remotest corners, because of forest regulations and other hurdles, and which are not formally recognized as households. The government is working towards lighting up those areas also, the minister said.

During the official declaration in Kozhikode district, Vijayan recalled growing up in a “powerless" village, reported the website of The Hindu newspaper. “We have come a long way," he said, adding that as a next level, the state will be moving towards reducing the dependence on hydroelectric power stations and focussing more on renewable energies like solar, as per the report.