New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government not only has the majority in the Lok Sabha but also enjoys the blessings of the people. Replying to the debate on the no confidence motion—the vote was later won by the government—he said ‘Modi Hatao’ (remove Modi) was the opposition’s only agenda.

Modi cautioned the Congress-led opposition parties that they should not doubt the mandate of the people just because the opposition is in a hurry to remove him from the top post. Modi said the no-confidence motion was brought by opposition parties to test its own unity.

“It is not a floor test of the government but it is the floor test of Congress and other opposition parties. It is an attempt to gain leadership of opposition parties. If Congress wants to test its allies then it should not bring no-confidence motion but it should start believing in its alliance partners," Modi said.

Modi accused the Congress-led opposition of over-confidence and arrogance, which he said led it to believe that its leaders have a right to be the Prime Minister. “Some say I will be PM if Congress is the single largest party. But what will happen to others who want to be PM as well? We have the numbers and blessings of the people. Opposition parties should not doubt the mandate of the people," said Modi.

Without naming Congress president Rahul Gandhi, the prime minister said the entire country was watching what he called the negative politics of the opposition, adding that everyone should come together to support the government, the first with a majority after 30 years.

“People who oppose development are in the open now. I have been watching the negative politics of opposition that wants to stop the politics of development in the country. Telugu Desam Party moved the no confidence motion; only some have supported it and majority have opposed it," Modi added.

Modi said the opposition parties have no faith in the Reserve Bank of India, development politics of the country, election commission and electronic voting machines. “People are troubled because the flow of black money has stopped for them and now they also have to go to courts," PM added.

Listing out the achievements of his four-year-old government, Modi said it had reached out to sections of society the previous government had ignored.

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