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This week’s we have a special Windows 7 edition of the weekly PlayCast technology podcast. Most experts agree that the just released version of Windows is a huge step in the right direction. After the disastrous Windows Vista launch, Windows 7 is a light, responsive operating system that doesn’t make you compromise bloat for features.

But what makes the new Windows special? How secure is it? And what exciting new things can you do with the well-received software? And should you upgrade right away?

In this edition Krish Raghav and Sidin Vadukut chat about the installation and usability experience with Windows 7, what it could mean for the large Indian assembled computer market and how this could set the fun people at Apple Inc. thinking.

Later, we speak to Rajan Anandan, managing director Microsoft India, who tells Krish Raghav what sets this edition apart from previous version of the OS. He talks about the various sources of inspiration for the product including inputs from Microsoft’s Surface project.