Govt to fast track rape, molestation cases against women

Govt to fast track rape, molestation cases against women

New Delhi: With the Ruchika molestation case causing an uproar, Union law minister M. Veerappa Moily on Friday said that the Government has decided to ‘fast track’ cases relating to women, including those involving rape, molestation and dowry.

“At the National Consultation on Judicial Reforms held recently, the government and the judiciary have decided to prioritise and classify cases related to women, children and the disabled, classification is an important component of the programme," Moily said.

He said that classification and prioritisation would ensure that such cases are ‘fast tracked’ in courts.

He said that a ‘blueprint’ on legal reforms approved by the Union Cabinet has mentioned classification of cases for early disposal.

“Otherwise also, cases pending for 15 years or more will be reduced to 3 years and that will be achievable from here within 3 years. All cases pending in courts after 1 January, 2010 will be treated as arrears," the Minister said adding that a policy could be announced in a fortnight.

To a question on the delay in delivery of justice in the Ruchika molestation case, Moily termed it as ‘atrocious’.

“Ruchika’s case is atrocious and delay is unpardonable," he said.

Moily said that the government needs to look into and ‘revisit’ the entire provisions of law so that higher punishment is provided in cases like one which led to the suicide of Ruchika.

Noting that the Ruchika case was telling upon and reflecting upon the judiciary itself, Moily said: “That is why we are interested in it."

Asked whether there was a possibility of reopening the case, Moily said that the matter will be looked into and he had a discussion with the solicitor general of India and the CBI also.

“All steps will be taken to take this matter forward," he said.

As Haryana politicians have made allegations and counter allegations on the Ruchika case and promotions were given to Rathore, the law minister said that he did not want politics to come into it and was looking at the entire matter absolutely on merit and also with a view to ensure rule of law in the country.

Moily said that the government was setting into process a system to remove gender bias in laws of the country.

He said: “On atrocities on women, particularly domestic violence and rape, the government will revisit provisions of law to ensure that there are proper laws so that people will not take liberty to get into these type of offences."