SC stays lower court’s mining order

SC stays lower court’s mining order

New Delhi: The Supreme Court (SC) on Thursday stayed a lower court’s order allowing the mining and transportation of iron ore by Obulapuram Mining Co. Pvt. Ltd (OMC) in Anantapur district, Andhra Pradesh.

“The interim order of the (Andhra Pradesh) high court is stayed till January 4," a bench headed by chief justice K.G. Balakrishnan said.

The Andhra Pradesh government had challenged the 11 December order of the high court which suspended the operation of a state government order prohibiting mining activity by the company.

The Andhra Pradesh government had issued an order prohibiting mining after an apex court-appointed committee recommended a ban on mining by the company in the area. The committee was constituted by the Supreme Court to inquire into the matter based on a petition filed by Tapal Ganesh of Bellary on illegal mining activity in the area in violation of the Forest Conservation Act.