Jat leaders threaten to block roads from Sunday

Jat leaders threaten to block roads from Sunday

New Delhi: Jat leaders on Thursday threatened to block roads from Sunday if the government does not give in to their demand for inclusion in the 27% OBC reservation regime.

The leaders also said the community will be forced to “seal" the borders of Delhi and deprive the capital of water, electricity and oil if their “just demands" were not met within the next three days.

“We are on a non-violent agitation now. It should not be seen as weakness. If need be we can, go the other way. If our agitation turns violent, the government will be responsible," Col (Retd) O P Sindhu, National President of Jat Aarakshan Sangarsh Samiti, told reporters in Delhi.

He said the current rail blockade will continue though the government has asked for three days time to find a solution to their demands.

Sindhu said they were not asking for a separate quota for Jats and their demand was for inclusion in the present OBC quota regime. “We had land earlier and we have lost it. Our youths have no jobs.

“The unemployed youths are getting into crime. 60% of the convicts in Haryana jails are from the community and out of this, 90% are in the age group of 20 to 30 years. The youth are entering the world of crime because they are unemployed. So we need quota," Sindhu said.

When pointed out that their rail blockade was causing inconvenience to common people, he said they have not blocked roads. “People can use roads. We are forced to block rail traffic. If the government gives in to our demands, then there will be no agitation," he said.