New Delhi: As the historic goods and services tax (GST) rolled out at midnight on Friday, anxious Twitter users took to the website to ask the government questions the following morning. The Twitter handle @askGST_GoI was flooded with several apprehensive queries regarding the new tax code.

Revenue secretary Hasmukh Adhia had introduced a new Twitter handle to address the problems faced by common people and since then, the handle has been flooded with queries. On the morning of 1 July, Twitter users raised their doubts again regarding the price rise and taxes on common items.

As the hashtag #trystwithGST started to trend on Saturday, Twitterati posted snapshots of their first bill, which mostly revealed how eating out became more expensive overnight.

People also used Twitter to seek the reasons behind increased taxes on essential commodities such as salt, which has increased from zero to 9%.

While some questioned if common food items like tea or coffee were exempted from GST, many young people wanted to know if there was 18% GST on higher education.

Although the government aims to use the Twitter handle only to help and guide citizens regarding GST, people are using it as a complaint box, hoping to get a reply from concerned officers.

Since the morning of 1 July, Twitter users have posted thousands of tweets, the government on the procedure and the counting pattern. Government officials will respond to relevant concerns only on Monday, the first working days after GST roll-out..